RUGBY 2017

Sunday 26 March. Uploading now completed for Rugby and Hockey photos taken yesterday at KES.

Thursday 16 March. Teams at all age groups played warm up matches against Noordheuwel at home. Sorry - no U15 photos - I just ran out of hands.

Tuesday 7 March. The 1st team squad played a friendly against Oos Moot at Loftus. What an improved performance from last year and we scored 5 tries in the process of winning.

SURPRISE, 7s RUGBY at SUTHERLANDS in September 2016
There are nearly 600 photos available from 2 tournaments played.

Please note that photos will be properly photo-shopped once ordered.
If 5 or more photos are ordered, a discount per photo can be negotiated. Please discuss the CDR option at the end of the season with me, which is the cheapest and most effective way to obtain many photos at full resolution.
Team photos are only available as hard copies (prints) and it is recommended that they are done at least A5 size or bigger.

I also have 3 files of 1st team cricket in 2016, as well as hockey of all teams from a few games. All photos taken in the past 5 years are backed up on an External HDD.

Up until now, it is evident that photos, albeit at low resolution, with a watermark across the middle and a no right click facility available, are still able to be uploaded to certain cell phones. Students are happy with the photos on this basis and they then don't inform their parents as to the availability thereof, which robs me of sales and infringes the copyright. I have been left with no alternative but to implement a much harsher blocking mechanism, in an attempt to slow down this practice. Sorry boys, but this was unfair to me. I take photos as a volunteer and my only reward is when parents buy my photos.